Alexis Brunet


Kakuro is a logic puzzle similar to Sudoku, but where Sudoku requires only logic to solve a puzzle Kakuro requires both logic and math. Each unique positive integer in a row or column must sum to the hint total value in the black square at the top for columns and to the left for rows.

This program was created in the "Software Process" class at Concordia University in 2007. This was a team project so let's give credit where credit is due:

We also used the following websites extensively when creating the program: Most of us had little to no experience with design patterns and for most of my teammates it was a first attempt at GUI programming so we decided to use the opportunity to learn model-view-controller.

I was primarily involved with the initial grid drawing code and the game generator. It was important that all the grids, which are generated on the fly be:

  1. Correct Kakuro Grids (each digit allowed only once between two black blocks)
  2. Have only one possible solution
  3. Be solvable using only logic (no guessing)
Here's a screenshot of the program with the Advisor pane showing: